For Michele Greenstein the decision to become an artist was an easy one.  Her parents had met in art school and brought up their twin daughters to love pets and art making.  Both girls honored their parents' amateur interests by becoming professional illustrators.   Twin sister Dana Kubick started by designing greeting cards and tins and is now a well known children's book artist, working in London. Michele took a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and pursued graduate studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.   After graduation, she worked as an illustrator and designer for Heathcote Publishing in New York and then joined the studio of the world famous artist, James McMullan.  At McMullan's studio, she worked on theater posters, magazine and book illustration, album covers, and an animated film for PBS television.

17th century English Silent Companion While living in London, Michele came upon antique Silent Companion paintings of pets, servants and children in museums and historic country homes.   She noted that this trompe l'oeil art form would allow her to combine her love of animals with her interest in traditional painting styles.  When she set up her own studio in San Diego, California, she began painting Silent Companions but soon expanded the range of her traditional-style art to include portraits of animals that adopted the lush landscapes and noble poses of 18th century English sporting painting.   Although she continues to express her love of animals in animal paintings, she was lured by the beauty of 17th century Dutch art to begin painting still lifes as well.   Inspired by the close attention to detail and texture, the luminous lighting, the respect paid to the everyday, and the celebration of household life, Michele uses her own collection of pottery, glass, family silver, and flowers from her garden in paintings done in homage to the early Dutch masters.

Jack in Piazza S. Pietro The artist has traveled around Europe extensively and lived several years in Rome with her husband, the eminent Art Historian, Jack Greenstein.  His vast knowledge and their travels have enriched her experience of art and her understanding of its technique. 

Michele's work has attracted clients all across the United States from Alaska to Florida as well as from England, Italy, Spain, Brussels and France.  She has received commissions from galleries and from other artists, including such internationally renowned figures as Milton Glaser and Jean-Michel Folon.  Her paintings were featured in Traditional Home, Los Angeles Magazine, Southern California Home & Garden, San Diego Home/Garden and Horse Illustrated. They have been recommended by interior decorators in Los Angeles and have been carried by two shops on Madison Avenue in New York City.  They are now also available from the artist through this web site. Various web galleries such as Art Seek, Interior Design Magazine On Line, Art & Design have shown work by Michele Greenstein.